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The literal meaning of the Sanskrit word 'yoga' is

'to unite' and this is the goal of my yoga as well as Qigong practice: to bring awareness to unity of body, mind and spirit. In a world where we are exposed to input at an

ever-growing rate, I find it not only beneficial but necessary from a health perspective to take the time to honor our 'inner selves'.


Through the gentle movement of our physical bodies, the quieting of our minds and the honoring of our Spirits, we can come into equilibrium and a state of peace that will translate into every area of our lives. I very much look forward to sharing this blessed time with you.

Namasté, Maureen & Sukanya


Celebrate YOU through Chakra Yoga:  Each class is a flowing celebration of a specific chakra (energy field) in our body incorporating a variety of modalities: chakra specific poses, qigong, pranayama (breathing practices), mudras (hand yoga), acupressure, sound, meditation and affirmations (and quite frequently some belly laughs as well.) 

Please join me for a journey into the flow of YOU. Don't know what a Chakra is? No worries! This class will introduce you and I promise it won't be confusing.

Sukanya, My Co-Teacher

Healing Benefits of QiGong:

Looking for a simple practice that can bring relief from stress, increase balance, improve memory, build the immune system, lower blood pressure (and more)? I propose giving the beautiful practice of Qigong a try. Literally translated, Qi  means “life force” and Gong  “cultivation” therefore,  “cultivation of one’s life energy”.


Here's a short video to introduce you to this healing practice.




Currently the only in-person class I am teaching is a Gentle Chakra Yoga on Thursdays at 10:45 AM through the Birch Bay/Blaine Park & Recreation Department.  


Class Location:  Pavilion in Blaine at  

635 H Street (next door to senior center)


Cost:  $5 Drop In Fee


This class combines the ancient practice of Qigong along with time spent in meditation. This offers the student the opportunity to come first into gentle body movement with a sense of presence followed by time spent in reflection.  If you are new to Qigong, please note that it is a beautifully simple practice very accessible even to those with physical limitations. I invite you to give it a try!


Wednesday 10 am PT - Chakra Yoga

Friday 10 am PT - Qigong/Meditation

Saturday 10 am PT - Chakra Yoga


Zoom classes are $8 and 60 minutes long.

(Qigong/Meditation 45 minutes) To make attending easier, most of 'my yogis' purchase a pass for several classes (example an 8-pass for $64). You then receive an invite to each class and it is your choice when you will attend.  I am happy to offer one freebie for you to give the class a try! I'd love to have you join us.:)


PAYMENT OPTIONS: PayPal, Venmo, Check 


Link to PayPal:


Venmo: Maureen-Kelly-156

Mailing address for check payment:

7806 Birch Bay Drive, Apt.703

Blaine, WA 98230

“I’ve been taking yoga online, via Zoom, from Maureen for about four years now. I’d taken yoga a few years back and the teacher was all about perfection – the relaxing nature of it went straight out the window. Maureen’s class is the exact opposite – she focuses on the breath and connection. My flexibility has increased at least ten-fold in these last few years, only taking a class once, sometimes twice, a week. She is a gifted teacher who brings so much love and awareness to each session. I feel more balanced and connected to my body every time I participate. Highly recommend!”   - Vanessa V.



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I have been a student of various styles of yoga for over 50 years. My favorite classes of all time are the ones taught by Maureen Kelly of Sage Yoga. She changes the classes every week to focus on a different aspect of the body, so the classes never get boring. Each class is a delightful mix of gentle yoga poses, some very helpful acupressure self-treatments, ending with a wonderful relaxing pose while we integrate and listen to some soothing music.

  Although she is teaching in person again, I discovered that I love the Zoom classes. I can hold a pose a little longer or pause when my body needs to without anyone watching. I have gifted several friends with a series of Maureen’s yoga classes which are very reasonably priced. I am so happy to have such a fun and relaxing way to stay fit.        - Laura Sullivan 

Maureen’s yoga classes are amazing!   I’ve been participating at least twice a week for the past 9 years.  Maureen combines many stretching and balance moves in each class, and it has really helped my flexibility and balance.  She also includes many reflective comments, readings, music, etc., and you leave the class each day feeling uplifted and hope-filled.   Each year during my annual exam, my doctor tells me to “keep doing what you’re doing”, and I tell her it’s Maureen and yoga 😊.  Maureen’s classes have taken me from my mid-60’s to my early 70’s, and I give her all the credit to still be able to garden, “weedwack” our steep bank, and pick those pesky weeds.    - Cathy K.

I strongly endorse Maureen’s chakra yoga classes. I have been attending for 7 years! First to the in person ones through the Parks and Rec and then her zoom classes. Though they are gentle I credit them with improving and maintaining my strength, flexibility, and balance. Now 72 years old, these workouts have helped me through a double knee replacement and currently a hip replacement. Maureen is always happy to help you modify any pose that is too difficult for your body. Do yourself a favor and give them a try.  - Sherry E.

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