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(A Daily Dose of Gratitude)


I have been keeping a morning gratitude journal for several years now and this is a compilation of 366 prayers/affirmations - one for each day of the year - to inspire a positive mindset at the beginning of each day. 

To quote the back cover:
"May this book offer you a brief yet powerful sentiment to begin your day. May it be a touchstone to tap into positive energy and gratitude for all the gifts in our lives. It truly begins within each one of us, the ability to be and share peace. This is my wish for you and for ALL BEINGS."

Many blessings to you this day and always.
Peace & Love,

(Available directly from Maureen. Please email for more info.)

"I look forword to reading insights via the daily format on Pocket Gurus Morning Guidance - making it easy for anyone to start the book at any day.  I have found many thoughts to be very uplifting and inspiring “.  - Gary P

Pocket Gurus Morning Guidance instantly became my personal morning "go-to,” as well as my #1 gift for friends and family.  Maureen’s drawings and insightful words brighten the day with gratitude and a gentle reminder to look for the magic in life. Because these daily musings are not bound to a day of the week or a particular year, it truly is a gift that keeps giving. My advice? Buy two. You’ll want to give one to someone you love.   -Donna Rawlins Feist

PERSONALITY + CHAKRAS = ENERGY TYPES - A Convergence of Roads Where East Meets West. Drawing on the teachings of the timeless Jungian-based instrument, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, Energy Types offers an overview of personality type and an insightful look at how innate characteristics can affect the balance within our Chakra System. With the guidance of ‘toolkits’ for each chakra, the reader is offered a series of yoga flows, affirmations and meditations to enhance and fortify the physical, emotional and spiritual; this in the hope of achieving true overall well-being.  

(Available at Amazon)

Maureen has made an incredibly bold move here and achieved something great that will not only help people but hopefully earn her the recognition and respect commensurate with such a weighty endeavor. To my knowledge,  this is the first time anyone has delineated the vital connections between mind, body and destiny and provided such a useful set of  keys for adjusting the relationship optimally between them.  I wish her every success imaginable. The world is a richer place for her contribution  - Barefoot Doctor (Stephen Russell)

When Energy Types is utilized fully to further understand and celebrate your uniqueness,

not only will these concepts enhance your experience of yourself, but will also build understanding and compassion for others. - Juliet Jivanti, Ayurvedic Practitioner and creator of the DVD  "Ayurvedic Yoga: Yoga for Your Body Type."

What Maureen has done in this brief 'ballet of creation' is to link the well-documented technology of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®  with the wisdom of the East in very practical, easy to follow exercises.  

- William C. Jeffries, Author of  "Still True to Type" and CEO of Executive Strategies Intl, Inc.


A simple 'how-to' book celebrating the use of sound and intention to honor balance within our energy fields. Addressing various life situations, we experience how toning can reinstate balance. Also, a look at meridian tapping and its role in chakra play, sound and personality as well as enhancing the well-being of your pets through sound. OPEN HEART- GRATITUDE- INNER PEACE. SOUND CAN BRING YOU THERE.
(Available directly from Maureen. Please email for more info.)

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