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This page is devoted to sharing a potpourri of poems, prose, meditations & other 'Divine Miscellany'

that inspire me and feed the soul. I'm hoping they inspire you as well.

I Am Trust, I Am Peace

Below you will find a brief audio meditation meant to inspire a sense of trust and inner peace.

Beginning with a quote from Viktor Frankel:


“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms

- to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” 


May we recognize our own inner power regarding living our lives moment by moment. 

This is where true peace resides.  Namaste.

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                                                                TREASURE IT ALL

 I was pondering how often I do things  just to ‘get them done’… in order to get to the ‘good stuff.’

The list that includes vacuuming, doing the laundry, paying the bills, returning a phone call that you really don’t want to make, setting the dentist appointment and and and…


How often we rush through ‘what is’ to get to  the ‘next best thing:  “When I get THIS done, I can…”


And it was an important revelation:  An invitation to treasure each unfolding - regardless of how difficult or mundane - as the gift of life that it is. 


Look out your window at the wind in the trees, the vibrance of the spring colors, the birds at the feeder.  Really pause and experience the sweet gift of your breath, your heartbeat, your friendships, your dear pets, laughter, dancing, and too many things to mention.


Each life experience is indeed a gift.   Even the difficult and ‘mundane’.




Treasure  it ALL.

Here is a meditation I recorded a while back that with a practice that invites a sense of overall peace.
I hope you enjoy it. 

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Celebrating the Timeless Lifelines of Love


I have been reflecting on a trip I made with my dear Dad while visiting him shortly after we lost my Mom. We took BART (rapid transit)  from his home across the bay to San Francisco to have lunch in the financial district at the World Trade Club.  This is located next to the Ferry Building right on the water.


We exited our BART train and proceeded to walk through the Hyatt Regency located there to get to the club. It required riding an escalator to an upper floor and I stepped on first, Dad right behind me. Somehow he lost his footing and I heard him yell and when i turned around he had fallen backwards with the escalator still moving!!  Luckily a security guard was right there and able to turn the escalator off as I ran down the stairs to be with him.  The guard helped him up and when he was steady, turned the the escalator back on and we rode to the top.  


There the guard pulled out a chair for my dear Dad to sit down and catch his breath, still shaking from the fall. I was in tears… I stood behind him with my hands on his shoulders and he placed a hand on mine.  Then he looked at the guard and I’ll never forget his words.  He said, “She is my lifeline.”  My heart was full to bursting.  


When he was able to settle his nerves and felt strong enough, we continued our journey to the World Trade Club.  I know we were both still shaking inside but we were together.

He lived almost a year after our dear Mom left this realm.  I was lucky enough to visit him often over those months and we chatted each afteroon or evening on the phone. But I know life was just too lonely without her. I was his 'temporary lifeline'.  She was his soul mate.  


I love you forever, my dear Dad (AND dear Mom.)

Dad & Me

in Hagenau, West Germany 1979

Today don't just live in the moment,

live in the 'MOMENTS'…

A shaft of golden sunlight filtering through

the branches of a majestic cedar…

A synchronistic cloud formation that appears just at the right time in answer to a prayer…

A smile from a 'stranger' that opens the

door of your heart just a little wider…


Today, notice the 'little miracles' around you -

in the tender, simple moments.


-Maureen Kelly ©

Open wide the vistas of my soul!

Allow me to see beyond

my repetitiveness of thought

my narrowness of vision

to the vast expansiveness

that awaits me

when I release fear






- Maureen Kelly ©

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