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This page is devoted to sharing my poems, photos, quotes and more that inspire me and feed the soul.

I'm hoping they inspire you as well.

Open wide the vistas of my soul!

Allow me to see beyond

my repetitiveness of thought

my narrowness of vision

to the vast expansiveness

that awaits me

when I release fear






- Maureen Kelly ©

Today don't just live in the moment,

live in the 'MOMENTS'…

A shaft of golden sunlight filtering through the branches of a majestic cedar…

A synchronistic cloud formation that  appears just at the right time in answer to a prayer…

A smile from a 'stranger' that opens the door of your heart just a little wider…


Today, notice the 'little miracles' around you -

in the tender, simple moments.


-Maureen Kelly ©

Magical Fly-Over


I hear their call 

before I see them,

away in the distance:  


The geese.


And then they emerge,

a mighty flock of

several dozen…


They ‘sailed’ towards the water

and their echo



I stood now transfixed, 

eyes closed, 

mesmerized by their now

far off presence,

sending them a greeting 

from my grateful heart.


And then…

their call became louder and

louder yet again,

as they headed back my way.


The entire gathering

flying now directly over ME,

hailing their own greeting 

and touching my 



They ‘heard’ my love

and responded

in kind.


- Maureen Kelly ©

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