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Acupressure is a simple practice that uses the pressure of the fingers on specific points along our meridians (energy pathways) that can bring relief from both physical as well as emotional imbalance. Allowing us to affect the flow of "Qi" (energy), we thereby establish harmony.

Several of the benefits that are derived from acupressure include:
* builds the immune system 
* strengthens tendons, muscles and joints
* balances energy within the body to promote healing
* releases cortisone for reduction in swelling & inflammation as well as

   endorphins for pain
* helps with mental clarity
* increases blood supply and removal of toxins helping injuries to heal

   more readily

* brings an overall sense of calm to the body/mind/spirit

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It is best not to eat anything too heavy for at least an hour prior to an acupressure session. Wear loose clothing, preferably thin cotton to allow greater access

to the acupoints.

COST OF A SESSION (including Nidra Acupressure):
$60 for a 75 minute session - includes preconsult, acupressure flow and a post-session consult as well as  points to 'take home' for self-practice

MULTIPLE SESSIONS PURCHASE (4 or more): $55/session
(Recommended for acute or chronic conditions)

Payments can be made in any amount by visiting: or

Venmo at Maureen-Kelly-156

as well as by cash or check at time of session.:)

Thank you and here's to your balance and peace!


My session of Nidra Acupressure with Maureen began with her gentle prompts to help me relax and chill down into a quiet and receptive state. From there, Maureen’s sensitive touch addressed my various areas of tension and pain. As she explained to me what each pressure point was about, it helped me to focus my attention there and allow the energy to move and do its magic. As the session completed, I found myself feeling light and uplifted, open and grateful. What a beautiful gift! Thank you Maureen!

- Suzanne S., Birch Bay, WA

Maureen’s acupressure sessions are amazing! She often begins the session 

with Yoga Nidra. This practice helps my body to relax and prepare for the 

healing of acupressure. I have found when she asks what my intention is for

the session that it deepens the experience for me.  Maureen knows the 

acupressure points so well that the session goes very smoothly!  As I experience 

the care she provides I believe this helps promote a stronger immune system and 

balance in my life.  After the session I feel a deep sense of peace. Thanks, Maureen! 

-  Dana C., Birch Bay, WA


While recovering from a major health scare,  I had several acupressure sessions with Maureen.  She used yoga nidra to completely relax me, followed by both tuning forks and pressure to increase energy flow and remove blockages.  After each session,  I felt "renewed" and positive and noticed that my energy level felt higher.  I feel that acupressure is a wonderful recovery resource.   Martha S., Birch Bay, WA

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