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Acupressure is a practice that uses the pressure of the fingers on specific points along our meridians (energy pathways) that can bring relief from both physical as well as emotional imbalances. By improving the flow of 'Qi' (energy) through these channels, we can also alleviate tension and stress that shows up in our bodies in many different ways, including frowning, jaw tension, teeth clenching, grief, circulation problems (both blood & lymph) as well as hormonal imbalances.


For this reason, I have chosen the following areas to highlight in my Acupressure Workshop for Women.

* Acupressure "Facelift"

Tension and fatigue can both contribute to frown lines and wrinkles by 'clogging' up the circulation around various points in our faces. Through an integrated practice of acupressure, breathwork and some facial exercises we can not only relax this tension, but tone the muscles, improve skin condition and help relieve both headaches and jaw tension.

* Breast Health:

According to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) one of the most important steps in maintaining healthy breast tissue is adopting practices that reduce the the stress in our lives. Tension, unresolved anger, frustration and grief can all play a role in the development of breast imbalances. When we honor ourselves with ways to relax, whether through meditation, yoga, daily walks or whatever helps you to find calm, this can be a huge step in maintaining both breast and overall health and wellbeing.

In our workshop, we will cover specific acupressure points as well as massage techniques and lifestyle enhancements to support this breast health. These are techniques that will require only minutes each day but can offer longterm benefit.

* Hormonal Balance:

Whether you are pre-, post- or in the midst of menopause, there are acupressure points and holistic practices that can help you maintain balance. If you experience heavy cramping/ 'flooding' (heavy bleeding), irregular periods, pelvic tension, mood swings, or headaches related to the hormones, we will look at a number of natural methods to find equilibrium.

embrace life!

Workshop fee includes a detailed handout of class information.

Date: Sunday, July 28th * 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Venue: Sudden Valley Yoga
1941 Lake Whatcom Blvd., Bellingham, WA
Click here to preregister.

If you have a group of women interested in this information, please contact me at or call (360) 920-1125 to arrange a private workshop.

Due to the nature of the workshop, seating will be limited to allow for questions, demonstrations, and personal input. Pre-registration is suggested though not required.


"There was so much quality information packed into the class I want to take it again!  - MR

"Maureen is an excellent communicator - both verbally and physically - in the art of acupressure and the benefits of application.  - EAS

Great workshop - informative and fun.  Very worthwhile. - C.S.

Maureen is absolutely delightful and had so much to teach us, it could have been three workshops... She so obviously cares and is enthusiastic and funny! It's a great combination. - Y.R.

I really appreciated the wealth of information and simple techniques that you presented at your 'Press Here….' Workshop. We all came away with a treasure chest of simple yet effective routines that can easily be fit into our daily lives to make a big difference in our wellbeing. Thank you so much for bringing your passion and sense of joy to each of us that day!
Margaret Mann, Nutritional Therapist

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