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The word “chakra” is Sanskrit for wheel or disc and refers to the seven main fields of energy located in our etheric (subtle) body, the reservoir of our life force. These three-dimensional spinning vortices are focal points for the reception and transmission of this energy. The etheric body itself is the same shape as our physical body and extends out from this form, housing these wheels that are situated along the spinal column and up into the crown. (For the purpose of this book we will focus our attention on the seven main chakras, though there are additional chakras both above the head, below the feet, as well as various other locations within the body.)

joy in balance
If we are well-balanced, “prana” or life force energy flows unimpeded along the energy highways within us, resulting in health from physical and emotional perspectives.

Bring to mind the most beautiful rainbow you can imagine and just as the colors in a rainbow merge into one another, the colors and energy in our chakras are inherently interrelated as well. When an imbalance occurs in one, it will have residual effects all along the energy pathway. These imbalances can occur when energy flows either too strongly or too weakly and sometimes a channel can be blocked entirely. A great analogy is that of a garden hose that has been sitting outside all winter. The first time you try to water your spring flowers, the flow from the spigot will most likely cough and sputter as it tries to maneuver its way past the mud, leaves and guck that have accumulated all winter long. Once the hose is cleared, however, the water flows freely. This is our goal as well. Remove the ‘guck’ and let it flow!


ROOT CHAKRA: (Muladhara) Our first chakra is located at the base of the spine and is the seat of stability and grounding. It is related to the element of earth and associated with the color red.

SACRAL CHAKRA: (Svadisthana) Our second chakra located in the sacral/pelvic region of our body, is the seat of creation, relationships and flow. It is related to the element of water and associated with the color orange.

SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA: (Manipura) Our third chakra is located in the solar plexus region of the body (behind stomach and just below diaphragm) and is the seat of personal power, courage and self-esteem. It is related to the element of fire and associated with the color yellow.

HEART CHAKRA: (Anahata) Our fourth chakra, located in the heart/chest area, is the seat of love, compassion and connection to all sentient beings. It is related to the element of air and associated with the color green.

THROAT CHAKRA: (Vishuddha) Our fifth chakra, located in the throat area, also houses the thyroid gland, shoulder and neck region, and is the seat of communication and self-expression. It is related to the element of ether and associated with the the color blue. This is obviously also a very important chakra in terms of sound in our lives.

THIRD EYE CHAKRA: (Ajna) Our sixth chakra, located between the brows, is the seat of perception and command, the intuition that guides us. It is related to the element of light and associated with the color indigo.

CROWN CHAKRA (Sahasrara) Our seventh chakra, located at the top of the head, is the seat of our connection to the Divine. It is associated with the color of lavender or white.


When our chakras go out of balance, there will initially be an emotional repercussion, that if left unaddressed will likely progress into a physical manifestation. By recognizing characteristics when they first appear, we can more easily regain equilibrium and prevent the physical ramifications.

Below you will find the attributes of each chakra from an emotional perspective, when in balance as well as when there is 'too much' or 'too little' energy flowing. We take a brief look at what the physical indications might be as well as questions you can ask yourself to determine your current status.

ROOT CHAKRA - In Balance: Connection with earth, feelings of security, stability and belonging
Too little: Fear, flightiness, loss of appetite
Too much: Overeating, compulsive behavior, apathy, fatigue
Which can lead to... Weight fluctuations, immune disorders, joint problems
Question you can ask yourself... Am I in need of grounding?

SACRAL CHAKRA - In Balance: Able to 'go with the flow,' comfortable with change, motivated to act on desires
Too little: Resistance to flow, anxiety around change
Too much: Moodiness/restlessness, addictive behavior
Which can lead to... Pelvic, lower back pain, bladder troubles, reproductive/prostate issues
Question you can ask yourself... Do I need movement to inspire the creative process?

SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA - In Balance: Sense of personal power, moving forward with confidence
Too little: Lack of self-esteem, excessive shyness
Too much: Anger, becoming overly competitive
Which can lead to... Ulcers, liver & pancreas disorders, can’t keep warm OR hot flashes
Question you can ask yourself... Do I need to increase my personal power?

HEART CHAKRA - In Balance: Able to give and receive love, a sense of connection with all beings
Too little: Isolation, sense of not caring, judgmental
Too much: Enabling behavior, jealousy,hard time saying “No”, grief
Which can lead to... Heart or lung ailments, circulation issues, breast problems
Question you can ask yourself... Am I in need of more compassion in my life (both for myself and/or others?)

THROAT CHAKRA - In Balance: Able to authentically speak our truth, sharing our gift of expression with the world
Too little: Withdrawal, fear of speaking truth, sense of frustration, loss of power
Too much: Gossip, speaking out of turn, inability to make decisions
Which can lead to... Throat & thyroid issues, TMJ, neck & shoulder stiffness
Question you can ask yourself... Am I able to speak my truth (with myself or others)?

THIRD EYE CHAKRA: - In Balance: Our sense of intuition is strong and guided, illuminating the path before us with the light of knowing
Too little: Dulled sense of inner vision, lack of focus, feeling their aren’t any options
Too much: Spaciness, lack of grounding, “monkey” mind
Which can lead to... Dizziness, headaches, nightmares
Question you can ask yourself... Am I able to tune into the intuitive guidance within me?

CROWN CHAKRA - In Balance: A sense of connection with the Divine and Unity Consciousness as life force energy flows freely
Question you can ask yourself... Do I need more trust in my connection to the Divine?


Surrender to the flow of you...
to the ever-changing, never-changing creation
in this moment by moment exploration of now.

Each step in the journey a touchstone
in the unfolding -
Each breath a whisper
of becoming.

Surrender to the flow.

- Maureen

"In the Flow" Chakra Yoga with Maureen - Yoga for Body, Mind & Spirit

Each class is a flowing celebration of a specific chakra (energy field) in our body incorporating a variety of modalities: chakra specific poses, qigong, pranayama (breathing practices), mudras (hand yoga), acupressure, sound, meditation and affirmations… (and quite frequently some belly laughs as well.) Please join me for a journey into the flow of YOU.

Don't know what Chakra is? No worries! This class will introduce you and I promise it won't be confusing.:)

Click here for info on classes, times, rates, & more!


"The Tao is the Music, I am the Instrument, We are the Song.
- Maureen

The Incredible World of Sound...

Stay close to any sounds that make you glad you are alive. - Hafiz

We are quite integrated into the world of sound often without even considering how it is affecting us. Someone says something funny, we laugh. Something exasperates us, we sigh. Feeling a little down? Put on some upbeat music. Having trouble sleeping? Put on some gentle music. The phone rings in the middle of the night, our heart races. Our cat purrs, we smile and relax... You get where I'm going.

Sound and Healing

Meet, Greet, & Release...Both sound and emotion are vibratory in nature. We can use sound to transmute emotions and dissolve obstacles that are creating fear, resistance and attachment in our lives - blockages to our happiness. By tapping into the basis of the stuck emotion we can pinpoint a chakra (energy field) that is being triggered. Then, using the seed sound associated with this chakra, we are able to rely on the combination of tone and intention to resonate our being back into balance. Emotional disturbances that are not addressed can and will escalate into phyiscal manifestation, hence the importance of recognizing and releasing them.

Also of great importance is the silence that follows the sound... this is the healing space. This is where the vibration does its magic.

Chakra Play
celebrates the merging of sound with our energy fields using interval type toning of Sanskrit seed sounds, these being infused with thousands of years of energy. Because we are all vibratory creatures, the use of sound, combined with the intention of bringing balance can have very dramatic healing effect.

Click here for CHAKRA PLAY... and enter the wonderful world of
sound & the Chakras.


"The brilliant combination of touch and intention ushers in the realization
of wholeness & balance.'
- Maureen

Acupressure is a practice that uses the pressure of the fingers on specific points along our meridians (energy pathways) that can bring relief from both physical as well as emotional imbalance.

One flow that I find incredibly healing is the chakra balancing flow. No matter where in your body you are experiencing what appears to be a loss of equilibrium, emotionally or physically, the energy will 'find its way' and renew feelings of stability.

Click here for more information on Acupressure.


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