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"Our task must be to free ourselves… by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty."
- Albert Einstein

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Francesca (Monkey) and me
Pictured here with my dear girl, Francesca
An Inborn Connection...

Sharing my life with animals has been an integral part of my journey and will always be. They are not only comrades, they are amazing teachers and I believe it is part of my soul work to insure that not only my beloved companions are treated in a loving, humane manner, but as many of these beautiful beings as I can reach.

Sharing what I can from the world of vibrational healing has become a passion and I do hope that the information found on this page will help you and your animal friends enjoy an even healthier, more joyful experience with one another.

Healing Touch...
Acupressure, Massage, Meditation

Animals are extremely sensitive to energy and therefore quite receptive to many types of healing touch. As when working with any other being, we must be respectful of their space and overall condition.

My silver tabby, Simba ('Pimmy'), was what I would refer to as a 'massage junkie'. She would call to me several times a day from my treatment room to get my behind in there and give her some acupressure and Tui Na (a form of Chinese massage.) At 20, she looked, acted and felt like a cat years her junior and I am convinced that the energy work was highly responsible (along, of course, with a healthy diet.)
simba waiting for a massage

Pimmy waiting for a massage...
(see below for a video of her
getting chakra tuning fork therapy)


Using pressure on specific points along the energy meridians in the body will release stagnation and increase circulation. The benefits of working with these points can reduce pain, increase digestive fire, bring emotional benefits and more. Some animals will be more receptive than others to this kind of touch. If very sensitive, sometimes just hovering the hands over the body and allowing the energy to flow from a distance can be an alternative healing method.

I will be adding various suggested acupoints for several common imbalances soon!

And click here to learn more about my PRESS HERE workshop - to learn more about doing acupressure on your dear pet.


Effleurage (petting strokes) over the long meridians of the body (bladder, gallbladder and stomach) can be a very simple way of stimulating energy flow. Adding in a little TuiNa (literally means 'pushing and grabbing') is very effective as well:
- Rubbing (up and down spine) improves blood flow, loosens up fascia (becomes adhered to muscle)
- Rolling (pinch skin and roll from spine up towards neck)
- Squeezing/massaging along spine/ bladder channel

More info coming soon on the healing and well-being benefits of meditating with your pet.

PRESS HERE: Acupressure (& More) for Animals

Maureen & Bailey Nanda

Maureen and her associate, Nanda

PRESS HERE is a workshop for people who love their pets. If you are interested in learning about energy flow, acupressure & massage techniques, healthy use of essential oils and some general protocols for balance, this workshop can offer you some valuable information.

The majority of what I share is applicable not only to our beloved pets, but also to us 2-leggeds as well! We will look at organ function, meridian flow (channels of energy), sound associated with organs (we are all vibration...) some specific acupressure flows for common imbalances such as arthritis and more.

Some comments from earlier workshops:

- Great information that I can take and apply on both myself and my dog.

- Instructor's complete knowledge and presentation excellent!

- Very informative and info coming from a source of love. Teacher is a true animal lover.

Please call (360) 920-1125 or email to learn more about a PRESS HERE workshop in your community, church, or any location where pet lovers gather.




** Please do NOT bring your pet to this workshop.
Nanda, my golden retriever 'sidekick' will be with me to assist with
learning acupoint locations and massage techniques. Thank you!**

Click below to preregister.

  • Sukanya, Just Chillin'

"Sage Energy Sessions" for Pets:

I like to begin with a short phone consult to discuss the health situation/needs of a particular animal to assess which areas are in need of attention. Prior to our session I will have you complete a form to give me background information on the imbalance your pet is exhibiting. During the session itself we will look at various acupressure points, massage techniques, essential oils and other holistic suggestions aimed at bringing balance to your pet. This also includes instruction in different acupoints or massage methods for the animal guardian to practice on their pet as well.

There are two different treatment options:
In-Person locally (Birch Bay, Blaine, Ferndale, Bellingham, White Rock BC) or by ZOOM for a distance session.
Option one (in-person) generally lasts approx. 45 minutes depending on the temperament of the animal.
Option two (ZOOM) will be a 30 minute consult.

Please call (360) 920-1125 or email to learn more about a Sage Energy Session.
Click here to access the online pet questionnaire.

love your pet!

To purchase a Sage Energy Session, please click below.

In person (locally i.e. within 20 miles of Birch Bay): $65

By ZOOM (from anywhere): $40

Music For Cats
Scientifically Proven to Enrich Cat's Lives

A fabulous concept developed by musician, composer, orchestral conductor and director David Teie. As quoted on his website: "Music for Cats was born out of David Teie's scientific theory on the fundamental nature of music appreciation by mammals. He contended that every species has an intuitive biological response to sounds present in their early development. Felines establish their sense of music through the sounds heard after they're born: bird's chirping, or their mother's purr. With this premise, Teie composed Music for Cats, incorporating feline-centric sounds and their natural vocalizations and matching it to a cat’s frequency range."

As a sound healer, this all makes perfect sense to me. Whether played in your home, in shelters, or the vet office, this music brings calm to your cat which inspires balance and healing.

I was especially interested in sharing some music with Bianco Nove, my deaf kitty, because I believe that the VIBRATION of the music is equally if not more important than the actual audio. Here is a photo of Bianco Nove enjoying his first piece of music developed by David. (Looks pretty darn relaxed to me.):)

Bianco Nove - music for cats

Local Dog Training/
Dog Walking/ Pet Sitting
(Birch Bay/Semiahmoo)

I can personally attest to the integrity, love and knowledge that Lawrence brings to his dog training...A true 'dog whisperer.' And the testimonials for all of the services Pauline and he provide speak for themselves.

Click here to learn more.

"Dogs come when they're called;
cats take a message and get back to you later."
~ Mary Bly

pet types Introducing Pet Types- Communing Heart to Heart

While "Pet Types" is a fun look at the relationships that we share with our beloved animals, this knowledge can also be very useful from a health perspective. By determining your pet's 'type', we can also gain some awareness regarding the tendencies for imbalance, both emotionally as well as physically.

So... you think you know your pet. Well, you're probably right. But there may still be some things you can do to improve the level of communication. If you can 'hear' your pet expressing any of the quotes listed below, you are well on the road to understanding a bit more about their personality (doganality, catanality, etc.)

"When you use the litter box, make sure you cover up whatever you leave there."

"Back from vacation? Were you gone? Did you bring me anything?"

"So many things I could do... If only I had a thumb..."

"You look sad. Can I get you a cookie?"

COP... LOP...ZOP... HOP...
Do you know what those words mean? If you are thinking, "I know! I know! The sounds a car makes when you keep driving on a flat tire!" Well, possibly, but in THIS case, it is the abbreviation for the 4 different personality types found in Pet Types:

1) C.O.P. - Commitment, Order & Preservation: A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place
(Possible predominace in ROOT CHAKRA - Stability, Security, Having all needs met)

2) L.O.P. - Life Of Party: Life is a Carnival
(Possible predominace in SACRAL CHAKRA - Creativity & Flow)

3) Z.O.P. - Zealous Objective Perfectionist: Life is a Constant Learning Experience
(Possible predominace in SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA - Courage, Confidence & Personal Power)

4) H.O.P. - Helpful, Optimistic & Philosophical: "How Can I Help?"
(Possible predominace in HEART CHAKRA - Compassion, Forgiveness & Able to Give and Receive Love)

Click here to purchase PET TYPES. And for more information on Chakras, click here.

Jack the Buddha Kitty
Monkey last trip to meadows.
Angel Pim
My best friend, Bo.
Bianco Nove
  • (and my other dear animal companions)


"Ask of the beasts and they will teach you the beauty of this earth."   
             St. Francis of Assisi

To contact Maureen: sagebutterfly2@comcast.net * (360) 920-1125
Trust in the Magic.

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*Information found on sagebutterfly.com is not intended to offer diagnosis, treatment, or prescriptions of any kind. The decision to use or not to use any information is the sole responsibility of the reader Acupressure is a holistic method of health maintenance, not a form of medicine. If you have an illness or disease, please seek medical attention from a qualified doctor.