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A Philosophical Blog

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sage tidings - a blog

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Greetings ...

I look forward to sharing ideas, yoga flows, meditations, poetry, and general (sometimes off the wall) life commentary with you on this page. Welcome.
Bo Admiring Roses

Is ANYBODY Out There?
(You Don't Have To Do It Alone)

A short quiz for you…

You are about to undertake a task that is a little unfamiliar or difficult for you.

Do you:
a) Try to do it yourself knowing you will figure it out

b) Call someone who is skilled at the task and can do it almost without effort

c) Try to do it yourself and after becoming exasperated, call someone to help
Bianco Nove Chillilng

Bianco Nove Chilling

My tendency most of my life has been 'choice A' (a combination of being an overachiever and also not wanting to bother anyone.) So, many times I may actually fulfill whatever it is I have set out to do and consequently feel the 'glow of accomplishment'. OTHER times it doesn't end quite SO eloquently and when the frustration levels have seriously peaked, I give in and ask for assistance.

Well, the other morning, I was faced with the daunting task of trimming Bianco Nove's nails (my almost 9 year old deaf kitty). They were dangerously long and I feared him getting stuck on the carpet, the bed, etc not too mention the deep pain experienced when he chose to 'lovingly' knead on my lap. So I grabbed a towel (for my protection), laid it across my knees, and with kitty nail scissors in hand, called him to me in a nice soft voice. He came right away and jumped on my lap. "OK," I thought. " This is going to easy." I gently took one paw in my hand and had clipped the first nail when all hell broke loose. "NOOOO!" he screamed. I held tight. And then, it hit me. What do you teach, Maureen, just about every week in your yoga classes and meditation? "Help is always there for you when you ask for it… The angels are always watching and waiting for a directive." So I followed my own advice and said aloud, "OK angels. I need your help. Please keep him calm enough so that I can trim all his nails so he won't hurt himself or tear my legs to shreds." Then I took a deep breath… and he 'mysteriously' calmed down. AND allowed me to trim every single nail without a bit of fuss. HA!

Now I believe the deepest lesson that I learned from this episode of being open to help is that it does not matter how large or seemingly impossible our request is when we turn to the angels, the Divine, God - whatever Being/Deity you call upon. Be it trimming your cat's nails or asking for the abundance to pay your mortgage, the only difference, I believe, is in our levels of trust. With the 'smaller' things it's easier to allow the assistance. The 'bigger' things may be steeped in fear that muddles the clarity and the ability to receive the help.

Bianco Nove, by the way, gave me another opportunity just the next day to call on these angelic guides. I was all set to leave the house and had turned back to check the stove (my OCD… but that's for another blog haha) - and had mistakenly left the front door open a crack. And guess who snuck out. Well, being a white deaf kitty he may as well have a big arrow on his back saying "Pick Me" to all predators and for that reason is NOT an outdoor kitty. He had run towards the log cabin next door to me and from prior experience with this, I knew he would jet as soon as he saw me coming for him. So this time I stopped. I took a deep breath. I asked the angels for their help: Please keep both me and him calm so that I can bring him to safety. And wa-lah. He stayed right where he was and allowed me to walk over, scoop him up and carry him in the house. NOT the norm.

So sometimes I can be a slow learner when it comes to this asking for help stuff. But hey, it's getting easier and easier. And sharing it with you is just one more means of nestling this knowing deep in my heart (and perhaps in your own.)


Celebrating Earth Day - April 22, 2016

mother earth

Here are a few ideas to honor our dear planet this Earth Day
(and every day)

- Pick up trash you see on the road or other places.

Rather than just shake your head and say, "Why do people do this?" be proactive (while doing your best to be non-judgmental…) and throw it away. Believe me when I say I am not condoning littering. Just the opposite.

- Do a little 'Earth Honoring Yoga':

Start in Mountain and feel your feet and whole body loving supported by Gaia. (Palms, of course, facing forward.):) mountain

After a few breaths of connecting with stability and balance, lower yourself down to the ground and come into Extended Child. With your arms stretched out in front of you, feel as if you are hugging the Earth.

extended child

Breathe deeply and then move into
Full Child. Now feel as if Mother Earth is hugging You.

full child

You can end on your back in Savasana gratefully allowing the energy of our planet to fill and support you.


Realize that we are one with this planet, our home, our 'Mother' Earth.
Bless her, honor her, love her.

And from Osho: (Thank you Deva and Miten for sharing this in your latest blog)

"If you are connected with the earth, you are connected with life. If you are connected with the earth, you are connected with your body. If you are connected with the earth, you will become very sensitive and centered – that’s what is needed."

Bo Celebrating Earth:)

Bo celebrating Mother Earth.:)

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A Philosophical Blog


Upcoming (FREE) "Spring Into Health with Acupressure" Workshops:

Ferndale Library - Saturday, April 23rd - 2pm - 3pm

Spring Acupressure Special

A session that will target the areas that are most susceptible to
imbalance this season.

$55 (regularly $65)
(Valid through April.)

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More Workshop Info...

press here for women

A workshop specific to women - facial points for firmness of skin and release of tension, points for the health of our breasts and lymph flow, points for hormonal balance... as well as other supportive holisitic suggestions for all three areas.

Wednesday, April 27th in White Rock, BC (Whitby's Books & Gifts)

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upcoming workshops

PRESS HERE: Acupressure (& More) for Summer Health - Saturday, May 14th
Sudden Valley Library (Free seminar - 2:30 - 3:30)

PRESS HERE: Acupressure (& More) for Animals - Saturday, June 4th
Whatcom Community College, Bellingham

Click here for more details and registration information.


Yoga Class Updates

Park & Rec Sponsored...
NEW - Senior Yoga class - Blaine Pavilion

(next door to Boys & Girls Club - 635 8th Street)
Thursday mornings - 10:30 am - 11:30 am
$5 drop in fee.
Click here for full yoga schedule.



Blaine Chiropractic Center
5:30 pm - 6:15 pm

Many of us may not have access to a place where we can remove ourselves from the 'noise' of the outside world. This is why I have been drawn to offer these sessions, both for experienced meditators as well as beginners.

Come into the silence of you and tap into a place of knowingness and peace.

"Inner Peace Investment": $5
Learn more here.

I’ve come to meditation for the very first time in my 70’s.  With Maureen guiding us into deep relaxation,  it comes fairly easily,  with a wonderful feeling of peace and calm.  Very, very good for any of us with a hectic “normal” life,  reminding us of what is possible. - M.S.
Maureen’s relaxation techniques and her provision of a meaningful meditation Mantra makes for a deep and enjoyable meditation experience. I appreciate the chance to attend only to myself and to only recognize the external world – but then let it go. - L.S.

meditation gathering


angels watching

For more info on Pocket Gurus, click here.



This beautiful tribute song for Lolita is from the Whisky Minstrels
in an effort to raise awareness of her captivity...
(If you can't see the video, please click here to refresh your screen.)

The captive killer whale, known by her stage name "Lolita," has been in the smallest orca display tank in America for 45 years.

It is TIME for her to retire and go home to her FAMILY.

To download the song, "Bring Lolita Home," please visit: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/whiskyminstrels

All proceeds from music download goes to Orca Network's Free Lolita Campaign: http://www.orcanetwork.org

Please help share the word!!

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A Tribute to Love

Jack the Buddha Kitty
Monkey last trip to meadows.
Angel Pim
(and my other dear animal companions)

And click here for more info on Vibrational Healing for Animals.

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Trust in the Magic.

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