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sage tidings - a blog

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Greetings ...

I look forward to sharing ideas, yoga flows, meditations, poetry, and general (sometimes off the wall) life commentary with you on this page. Welcome.
Bo Admiring Roses

Freedom, The Birthright of Every Being

Being introduced to dear Lolita, the captive Orca Whale held now for over 43 years in 'captivity' at the Miami Seaquarium has precipitated a wave of emotions. Realizing the injustice in how many various life forms are existing in circumstances that prevent them from fully experiencing the freedom that should be a natural part of life brings me great sadness.

I must believe that we are moving into an age where love will overcome the blocks preventing any Being on this planet and beyond from living in a state of peace, compassion and equanimity.

Freedom, Peace, Equanimity
And this begins from within each of us. Fear is the overriding emotion that impels any action contrary to love. We cannot stop violence with violence, abuse with abuse or prejudice with prejudice. That is like throwing a match on an already burning building in the hopes of putting out the fire. We must come from a place of love and as hard as it may sometimes be, from forgiveness. We must act the part from our own behavior, that is, living a life that is heart-centered and peaceful. This in no way condones the opposite, but the energy that comes from heart-based living is capable of outshining any darkness. This brings to mind the response of Mother Teresa, when asked if she would march against the war (Vietnam) to which she responded, "No, but I will march FOR peace."

Therein lies the solution. Be the example. Do what needs to be done to offer solace and freedom to those 'imprisoned', but come from a place of TRUE courage, which is always from the heart.

Here also is a mantra that captures this sentiment:

Om Tare Tuttare Ture Svaha

A Mantra to Tara, the Bodhisattva of compassion and action, she protects all Beings from physical, emotional and spiritual suffering.

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at the Blaine Chiropractic Center
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from 5:30 pm - 6:15 pm every Tuesday.

If you are interested in either learning how to meditate or just looking for a 'space' to come into the quiet within, please join me and tell your friends, too! In this 'adrenal-overloaded' world we find ourselves in, it has never been more necessary to experience times of silence and 'non-doing' and carry this peace into our every day worlds.

I look forward to sharing this time of 'inner journeying' with you.


("Inner Peace Investment": $5)
Questions? Just shoot me an email: sagebutterfly2@comcast.net

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Presenting VoiceBio™ - The Vital Messages Hidden Within the Voice

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015
6 pm - 7 pm
Wise Awakening, Orca Sanctuary

301 E. Holly Street, Bellingham
Love Donation

Our voice is a holographic representation of our wellness. Please join Maureen to learn how a VoiceBio™ reading can illustrate the function and balance of organs, systems and emotions through a simple voice recording. This non-invasive technology reveals frequency patterns in the body showing which areas need support due to exhaustion and which are in need of stimulation. We then look at how one can achieve balance through sound and holistic changes in lifestyle.

Have a Conversation with your Body and Let it Guide You to Optimum Health.
VoiceBio™, Your Bridge To Balance.


If your team, office, association/group is interested in a workshop that will cover the basics and giving you 'take home' points that you can use to bring emotional and physical balance, please contact me at (360) 920-1125 or email sagebutterfly2@comcast.net.

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Jack the Buddha Kitty
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Click here to receive Sage Tidings... a 'now and then' newsletter with updates and life philosophy.