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A Philosophical Blog

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sage tidings - a blog

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Greetings ...

I look forward to sharing ideas, yoga flows, meditations, poetry, and general (sometimes off the wall) life commentary with you on this page. Welcome.
Bo Admiring Roses

The Magic Carpet Ride Home

My dear Pim (Simba) went home today.

She was 20+ years old (around 100 in human years) and up until very recently was pretty much in tip-top shape. Folks marveled at her condition and with good reason. She was an amazing kitty (and still is.) Letting go of her cuts like a knife and I must shift my awareness into what it is that I teach: We are all One. We are pure Love and Energy. We are always connected through time and space. And it helps somewhat, but the 'human' part of me wants to run through the streets screaming "NO!" It was too soon. It's always too soon…
(Spring 2005 - October 31st, 2015)
And so as balm to my aching heart, I choose now to share a little bit of Pim's story with you.

She came to live with me when she was 8 years old, an exotically beautiful silver- striped tabby. She entered a household that was already sanctuary to three other kitties and two doggies and yet she made the transition to being 'home' in no time at all.

One of her very favorite pastimes right from the start was to join me in yoga and I truly mean JOIN. No matter the pose, she was right there with me, including downward dog where I would warn her that there was a possibility of being catapulted across the room when I stood up. No matter. When we entered Savasana (relaxation pose), she would be sprawled out, fully relaxed and ready to let the energy settle wherever it needed to go. This inspired one of my favorite nicknames for her: My Yogini Warrior Princess. So fitting. One morning after we had completed our practice, I went to roll up my mat but couldn't because she was still in Savasana. When I asked her to shift over, this met with the following response (I kid you not): "You're putting the magic carpet away?" And me… "HMMM??? Magic Carpet??" I had never referred to my mat in that manner and was quite impressed. Yes, it is that indeed. And from that point on, when we did yoga together, it was on the magic carpet.
Angel Pim

Another of her other favorite activities was getting an acupressure and tuning fork treatment. There she would sit on the end of the massage table in my treatment room and literally scream for me to 'get my butt in there' and give her a session. (Click here to see a tuning fork therapy session that took place just a few weeks ago.) I'm convinced these treatments were very instrumental in her longevity.

Something else that might have kept her young (though I'm not sure she would agree with me) was her annoying younger brother, Bianco Nove, chasing her through the house and basically harassing her whenever possible. It kept the adrenals active anyway.

Then there were the sunny days spent in her kitty yard, soaking up the light and snoozing under our beautiful maple, Kokepelli Dancing. And too many other memories to mention here...

And so. Here I sit. Looking for her to share the last part of my smoothie (which she did almost every day.) But she is not here. Her Spirit is definitely here. And with that in mind, this is my prayer for my dearest Pim, Yogini Warrior Princess:

Divine Mother/Father God, angels, guides… Please accompany my dear Pimmy as she takes her magic carpet ride back home, allow her to arrive pain-free and joyful to a beautiful fanfare of loved ones. I love her forever.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.
Until we meet again...


Pondering Paris and the Power of Love


When events of such painful and incomprehensible magnitude occur as happened just days ago in Paris, it is easy to go into a mode of anger and desire to retaliate. As someone who truly believes that our 'natural' state is one of peace and benevolence, this violence can upset an innate inclination towards recognition of our 'Oneness.'

So while I of course would never condone any such hideous actions, I do believe that all 'hate' type crime is the result of fear. And when it is responded to with fear-based action, we only add fire to fire.

So what is the solution? How comforting it would be if there was an 'easy fix' but something this convoluted has tendrils that run very deep… The only solace that I can offer - to others as well as myself - is the following:

In loving and respecting one another
we initiate a ripple effect
that is immeasurably powerful…

This great harmonizer of LOVE
melts anger
thaws grief
tempers greed
dispels worry
banishes fear
and inspires UNITY…
not into 'sameness'
but in celebration
of the countless unique contributions
that make up the fabric of our world.

And in acknowledging and practicing this mindset,
Mother Earth smiles
as we honor ourselves, each other and HER
in peace and equanimity.

This can begin very simply…
sharing an act of loving kindness
with those you encounter today-
known and unknown.
A glance of recognition,
a smile,
a silent prayer.

And then

We can do this.

Love & Blessings to you all.


Tis the Season… Staying Healthy to Enjoy It!

snow fairies

In TCM (Tradtional Chinese Medicine), the season of winter is associated with the kidneys, these organs viewed as the center of the body's yin and yang - the origin of life in other words. Located just above the belt line on either side of our spine, daily massage of the kidneys is beneficial any time, but first thing in the morning is a great time for getting your energy flowing for the day! Wearing clothing that will keep the lower back area covered and safe from outside cold as well as keeping the feet warm is recommended to maintain optimum kidney energy and health.

With the increased activity of the holidays, many of us are under more stress than usual and this can also damage the kidneys. Finding even short periods of time for a little 'breather', some yoga, a walk outside or some space to 'go within' (see below for a short meditation) will help to maintain the balance. Also important, stay hydrated by drinking ample water. Adding a pinch of sea salt can help with the absorption and therefore levels of hydration.

I like to start my day with my 'morning water' recipe that includes:
- cup of warm water
- about 3/4 teaspoon of turmeric (too many benefits to mention…)
- pinch of organic pepper or trikatu* (Ayurvedic herb that contains pepper)
- squeeze of lemon (alkalizes the body)

*pepper increases the absorbency rate of the turmeric

During the day I often have another simple 'concoction' of distilled water, touch of the sea salt and a squeeze of lime, which again helps with the alkalinity of the body.

With all of the yummy snacks tempting us thoughout the holidays, many of them would be considered 'acidic' (sweets, breads, alcohol…) and adding the lemon and lime to our water will help to counterbalance this.

Simple things to do to have fun and maintain health!


Progressive Relaxation Meditation


The link to the meditation below can be used as a short 'stand-alone' practice or in preparation for your own longer meditation. May it bring you peace within.

Click here to access the meditation.:)


sage ideas for the holidays


Click here for some ideas for Holiday Gifts of Well-Being.



Blaine Chiropractic Center
5:30 pm - 6:15 pm

Many of us may not have access to a place where we can remove ourselves from the 'noise' of the outside world. This is why I have been drawn to offer these sessions, both for experienced meditators as well as beginners.

Come into the silence of you and tap into a place of knowingness and peace.

"Inner Peace Investment": $5
Learn more here.

meditation gathering


No yoga...

Thursday (Nov. 26th) Thanksgiving 6:15 pm class - Blaine/Birch Bay Park & Rec
Friday following Thanksgiving (Nov. 27th) noon class Wise Awakening Bellingham
Thursday Christmas Eve (Dec. 24th) 6:15 pm class - Blaine/Birch Bay Park & Rec
New Years Eve 6:15 pm class at Park & Rec still open - you let me know.:)



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chakra yoga
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Classes in Blaine, Birch Bay and Bellingham.

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A Philosophical Blog


This beautiful tribute song for Lolita is from the Whisky Minstrels
in an effort to raise awareness of her captivity...
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The captive killer whale, known by her stage name "Lolita," has been in the smallest orca display tank in America for 45 years.

It is TIME for her to retire and go home to her FAMILY.

To download the song, "Bring Lolita Home," please visit: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/whiskyminstrels

All proceeds from music download goes to Orca Network's Free Lolita Campaign: http://www.orcanetwork.org

Please help share the word!!

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A Tribute to Love

Jack the Buddha Kitty
Monkey last trip to meadows.
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