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sage tidings - a blog

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Greetings ...

I look forward to sharing ideas, yoga flows, meditations, poetry, and general (sometimes off the wall) life commentary with you on this page. Welcome.
Bo Admiring Roses

Parables of Nature.... Blackberries and Spiders

This season inspires me to revisit an article that I posted last year about this same time. The blackberries are already 'out in force' and each day that I take Bo, my golden retriever, to our nearby meadows, I once again gratefully indulge in their sweetness. The newest lesson I have learned from them: Just as I reach for the deepest blue-black berry, already sensing the burst of flavor, I sometimes simultaneously feel the thorns of the bush digging into my foot or leg! Talk about yin/yang in progress! All of life is a wave of experience. It's up to us to find center and know joy at heart level. On that note, I will share the lessons from previous years that I find applicable EVERY year. Enjoy.

Bo In Meadows

It's up to us to find center
and know joy at heart level.

With the blackberries again coming into season, I recall what I learned from them a year ago at this time. These luscious treats are directly on the route of my morning run down to the beach and I always reach out for a berry or two as I go by. (Or three or four.) Sometimes they look JUST ripe enough to eat, but as you attempt to pluck them from the bush, they resist - unless you pull hard enough. THAT was the lesson from last year. If you don't wait until the time is right, you will end up with a sour berry. If you DO have the patience to wait it out, ahhhh..... sweetness.

Well, this year, what struck me about the blackberry bush, is that although they all get the same amount of sunlight, same rainfall, and and and.... you will see a branch with several berries all bright green... and ONE fully ripe. Now go figure. WHY is just one of them ripe? So of course, being the deep thinker that I am, I had to propose a metaphor. We all evolve into higher states of being at our own pace. Another timing thing.

Now for parable number two. Yesterday morning when I went to leave the house for the first time (to go for a run and eat berries) there was a web directly in front of the entry way with a beautiful little spider happily snoozing after a hard night's construction job. (Have you ever heard a spider snore?)

Now I SO did not want to wake her... and even more importantly did not want to dismantle her amazing handiwork. BUT I could not pass without damaging the web. So I very gently attempted to move it and her to the post just a foot or so away - and as I did, the entire web collapsed and she ran for her life.

I felt awful. I tried to apologize but she had already split the scene. So, the metaphor here? Well, I am reminded of the Message of Shiva, the Hindu Deity representing destruction and transformation. The old must be demolished in order to make room for the new to emerge. Death and rebirth.

So perhaps I did my little 8-legged friend a favor? She hopefully went on to rebuild in a much more opportune location where she not only wont have to put up with human interference, but also perhaps to enjoy a more bountiful resting space.

blackberries Which leads us to the following two questions....

1) Are you ready (ripe) for moving into the next stage of your game (regardless of where others in your life currently find themselves?)

2) Can you appreciate the beauty of Shiva, knowing that sometimes we must dissolve what IS to allow the unfolding of what is to BECOME?

No matter how you answer, I wish you auspicious timing and progress on your journey, this amazing adventure called life.

AFFIRMATION: I find beauty in every unfolding moment allowing and welcoming change when change is for my Highest Good.

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