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sage tidings - a blog

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Greetings ...

I look forward to sharing ideas, yoga flows, meditations, poetry, and general (sometimes off the wall) life commentary with you on this page. Welcome.
Bo Admiring Roses

But What If...

In this age of multimedia and information coming at us from every direction, it can sometimes be a little overwhelming to decide just where to invest your energy when looking for a little guidance.

Books, webinars, podcasts, blogs, Facebook groups, Meet-Ups, etc etc can lead to a desire to just pull the covers over your head and pray for Divine Guidance to appear in a dream.

But I do admit that I have my handful of sources that I turn to when needing to quiet what I call the 'But what ifs'… "But what if THIS happens? But what if this DOESN'T happen?" These anxious flights from the present are of course nothing more than fear of the unknown peeking around the corner at you.

My first 'wellspring' of relief actually does come from within. As cliché as it might sound, we do indeed create our own reality and when the fear demons surface, I now am able to ask myself, "Do you really want to go THERE?" And most of the time, I am able to quell any rising anxiety around whatever issue I was becoming wigged out. I'm not recommending playing ostrich, but I do truly believe that by coming back into a peaceful state, we then usher in a peaceful outcome. (And if the aftermath IS indeed a bit stressful, we are in a much better place to deal with it.)

Some other assets include meditation (and I must say, the more I practice, the more my life BECOMES a moving meditation), Yoga & Qigong (easy to include since I teach it, but also practice on my own), quality time with pets and friends (speaks for itself), being out in nature - but REALLY being there (meaning asking every sense within me to 'open up' to the beauty around me rather than being in my head miles away from where my feet are standing), acupressure points that relieve anxiety (see below for a key point), essential oils (wow are they remarkable), weekly Satsangs with a dear mentor and friend (a worldwide connection with like-minded)...

Pairing it down to a manageable number of resources helps calm the stress rather than escalate it which may happen if we find ourselves searching for the ultimate panacea to all fear-driven, resistant behavior in a quagmire of self-help counsel. Each of us will have our own 'go to' modalities that speak to us indiviudally. So take your time and allow yourself to see what brings you to a place of harmony within.

And one final key - perhaps the most important, easiest and most powerful of all: BREATHE with awareness - awareness on the life force energy entering and leaving your body. BREATHE with gratitude - grateful for your beautiful heart beating within your chest. Take a moment right now to do just that. (I'll be here waiting.)

Ahhh…. Feel better? The profundity of simplicity.

And … what if … the 'But what if' was actually this: But what if it's all perfect? Right here. Right now. (Because it is.)

Blessings and Namasté.

Here is an audio meditation that I like to do to enter into a place of "Oneness" -
a realization that we are pure vibration, pure energy and pure connection. Timeless.

Pure Vibration - Pure Oneness

And an acupressure point that will relieve anxiety as well as insomina:
Pericardium 6


Hold the point (approx. 3 finger widths below wrist crease) for
between 1 and 3 minutes, breathing deeply into the point. Release gradually
and repeat on other side.

Upcoming: (Free) Acupressure Workshop in Blaine, WA Library
- note change of date -
Wednesday, August 6th from 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm.
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