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sage tidings - a blog

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Greetings ...

I look forward to sharing ideas, yoga flows, meditations, poetry, and general (sometimes off the wall) life commentary with you on this page. Welcome.
Bo Admiring Roses

A- HAAAAAAA…. Reflections of the Heart

After the recent loss of my dear doggy and a health scare with my OTHER doggy I was feeling rather vulnerable in the heart area. (Still am as a matter of fact.) And knowing that grief is a journey that must be traveled THROUGH as opposed to taking detours of busy-ness and/or sticking fingers in our ears and covering our eyes to block out the pain, there was still a part of me struggling with the process. I meditate daily, I do yoga at least daily, I read and listen to metaphysical texts and programs… With all of these 'spiritual' activities going on in my life, did I REALLY need to look OUTSIDE myself for comfort and solace? Wasn't that a 'weakness'?

Divine Love

Divine Love... Within and Around Us

And then it became clear to me. The answers are indeed always within us, directly inside our beautiful hearts. And it is the heart light that shines its radiance OUTWARD to guide us to those people, those books, those songs or programs… to whatever will bring a balm of tenderness to the aching found within.

Divine Love is within us and around us, permeating our very existence when we open ourselves to it. The 'weakness' (or perhaps better said, misunderstanding) is a belief that we should be 'strong' enough to do it all on our own. No matter HOW much you meditate.

I have found sound to be a very healing gift as well, not just in musical form, but in the toning of specific sounds to tenderly smooth the jagged edges of a heart in pain. Specifically the Taoist healing sound of "HAAAAA" as well as the Sanskrit seed sound for Anahata (heart chakra) of YAM.

The latter sound I choose to do in a round of 'chakra play' that incorporates not only the Yam sound, but a breath in silence (the seed 'sound' of the Crown and Divine connection.) I use hand motions as well to deepen the unfolding. For the "Yam" sound, I place both hands (palms) on my heart space and for the silent breath of the crown, I open my palms in front of my heart, inviting in the guidance and healing of the Divine. I usually do nine rounds of each of the 'sounds' followed by either total silence or an affirmation to bring closure to the session. In this case, the affirmation might be, "Heart open, Divinely sheltered, Healing now."

Below you will find an audio of this chakra play for the transformation and soothing of grief.

Honoring the Divine with us all. Namasté.

Click here for Chakra Play for Soothing of Grief
Allow the vibration of Divine Love to fill your heart.

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